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 Complimentary Emergency Gas Shutoff Tool

In the event of a major earthquake, and you smell a gas leak, time is of the essence when turning off the valve supplying gas to your house.


While many remodeled and newer homes, particularly those built after 1998, are equipped with automatic Seismic gas shutoff valves, many older homes are not. The shut-off valve for your gas supply is normally near your gas meter.


This would be a good time to check to see if your home has an automatic shutoff valve installed.

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Ru preaparecd.jpg

If it does not, to help prevent an explosion, or fire due to a gas leak, it is critical to keep a wrench or shutoff tool near your gas valve for easy access in an emergency.

Eqredowrench hang.jpg

As part of our ongoing commitment to the safety
of our Mar Vista community,
we are offering a

to any household. 

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